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Modelling my husband's head.

Head modelled from white clay is 4 inches high. Work in progress.Model for my ceramic head: husband, Louis.Modelling my husband's head is no easy task- especially when he is hard to pin down for sitting. As a 'back-up' for his 'live' head, I took photos from all sides. For the actual sittings, I put the TV on a sports channel so he didn't become too bored but somehow I still seem to end up trying to model from the photos. Doing this at home, I don't have a turntable and in my efforts to model from various angles, the clay head fell onto the floor. Tragedy! One half of his face was squashed flat so it had to be redone. This is still very much a work in progress as there is a lot of refinement to be done especially around the eyes - well, the more I look - just about everywhere.  

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Gilda on 08 December 2013 06:40
It does look very much like him Marce, even if you have not made all your refinements. I am in Melbourne staying with Lauren and the three littlies. Internet contact on my iPad is spasmodic. I will ring you for a nice long chat on my return. Now I have contact for a bit I will explore the rest of the blog and show a bit to Lauren as she gives three excited children their dinner.
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Marcia on 08 December 2013 11:57
Hi Gil, thanks for your comment. I'm still working on the likeness which will improve once I manage to get him to sit down in front of me! Look forward to that chat! Love to Lauren and all the family!

Anonymous on 08 December 2013 06:40
A very good likeness! Amazing how far you have advanced with your ceramic skills. How about a self-portrait - a model of your own face?
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Marcia on 08 December 2013 12:00
As with everything, the more one does - the better (hopefully!) the final piece. With these heads, my aim is to make two small ones, this being the first. I'll then glaze and fire them with alternative finishes, decide which I like best and make a much larger head with that finish. As to own face - maybe I will at some time with the aid of photos and a mirror.

Jo on 08 December 2013 19:35
Sorry-anonymous is me as forgot to add my name. Thanks for your reply.
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Devi on 08 December 2013 23:44
Hooray - you have started blogging again! Even if I don't always comment, I always read your updates so KEEP THEM COMING!!! Love this latest project and I can't wait to see you in a few weeks. We will be in London just for a few days from 30/12 - 3/1. lots of love xxxD
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Marcia on 10 December 2013 21:05
Yep, I'll try to keep the blogs coming. There's always something in the works - ceramic or painting. Am currently also working on a painting of a bride and will post while it's being created. And my ceramic bowls are now glazed and fired. They look great!

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