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Me and my art

Over many years my art career has encompassed fine art, graphic design, animation, filmmaking, art direction, computer graphics, ceramics, miniature creation, plus over twenty-five years of teaching Art and Design at colleges in London. 

Along the way, I’ve written a college textbook on multimedia/computer animation, spent three years at The London International Film School, completed an MPhil (on integrating live-action film with CGI), and had my hand-drawn and computer-animated films shown on TV and in major international film festivals including The London Film Festival.

My abiding passion through all these years has been fine art: painting.  I paint mainly in oils, acrylics and mixed media. Subjects include landscapes, still life, and increasingly, portraiture - the latter since joining in with Sky Arts Portrait Painter of the Week in the last three months of 2020. Never in my life, have I painted so many portraits! I'm exploring a new technique for me using acrylic and pastel - painting quickly within a time limit of 4 hours in line with the artists on Sky. A challenge, but fun!

I regularly exhibit and sell my work which is in collections in the UK, Australia, the US, The Netherlands  and Sweden.

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