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China Dolly now finished.

china dolly now finished: acrylic paint & oil pastel on canvas textured paper (Marcia Kuperberg)Third session developing painting of china dolly: more washes to develop colour.2nd session: developing painting of china dolly - first washes of colour on top of pencil sketch.Initial pencil sketch of china dolly.

Here are the stages of creating China Dolly, building her up from a pencil sketch. She now has deepened tones, more contrast to make her less bland and with greater definition to bring out detail. On second thoughts, maybe she looks a bit stern? Should I give her a happier look?  Please comment! 
Media: acrylic paint and oil pastels.

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Rosalie Segal on 20 February 2013 08:27
I think she'd look strange with a beaming smile, she looks a bit Mona Lisa like, elusive and mysterious, we are left guessing. She's really lovely, where is she going to live now she is finished?
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Marcia on 20 February 2013 18:05
Good,Rosie, then I won't fiddle with her expression. She has no home at the moment, so she lives in my plan chest (poor dolly!).

Gilda Segal on 20 February 2013 10:27
Well, isn't she beautiful! I agree with Rose. I do not think she needs to have a happier look. She looks thoughtful and wise and therefore different to your average dolly. Her expression, with her large eyes seeming to look into the distance, is a very nice contrast to her elaborate costume.
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Marcia on 20 February 2013 18:09
Really glad you think she looks thoughtful and wise rather than stern, Gil - so that's it: no more work to be done on China Dolly.

Marcia on 22 February 2013 21:42
I'm afraid that I keep looking at her and still don't like her expression - sorry, despite your reassuring comments, Gil and Rosie. To me she looks a bit cross and that's not a nice expression for China Dolly to bear throughout her life. I won't give her a beaming smile - just do something, perhaps to her eyebrows so she looks a bit more benign (hopefully). The great thing about working with acrylics as opposed to watercolour is that I will be able to paint over mistakes, but of course, too much reworking takes away spontaneity from the painting, so I'll have to take care.
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Devi on 23 February 2013 21:32
Simon and I both agree with Gilda and Rosie. She definitely doesn't look cross!

Marcia on 24 February 2013 13:48
Thanks so much for commenting, Devi and Simon. Hope you continue to read and contribute to the blog. Perhaps 'cross' is a bit strong, perhaps the word is 'intense' rather than cross. I'd like her to look out at at the world a little more peacefully if possible. Changing the expression on a 2D piece of work is a lot easier than changing it on a 3D model - and that's the next challenge!

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