Marcia Kuperberg: artist - Oils, acrylic, watercolour, mixed media. Miniaturist. Ceramicist
Handpainted aboriginal wood tiles and other artwork by Marcia KuperbergThanks for visiting!
On this site you can see samples of my original art.

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My Blog, definitely the most interesting part of the site - at least for me! Here I show the behind-the-scenes stages of creating the pieces of art and ceramics. It's like a personal diary of work in progress with plentiful images. Only problem is, I'm so busy creating my art, I forget to blog about it.

Art Gallery. This is where you'll find samples of my artwork in a wide range of media: watercolour, acrylics, pastels, oils and mixed media and an enormous range of subject matter too, from landscapes to animals to figurative works of people, to semi abstract mixed media works with exciting colours and textures. If there is a particular painting that you would like to buy, please email me (see 'Contact' page). 

Art Prints. I can make beautiful A4 and A3 prints on special paper of any piece you like, at remarkably reasonable prices, mounted and ready for framing. These prints have rich, vibrant colours you just have to see and feel. Alternatively prints can be supplied (to any size) on canvas, stretched onto a wooden frame. These are ready to hang on the wall with or without a frame.

Ceramics are as varied as my paintings. They range from pottery - unusual plates and dishes - to animals and birds - to figures or heads modelled from life. My ceramic jewellery, earrings and pendants, are one-of-a-kind pieces of art to wear. Unique and beautiful.

Miniatures. The world of miniatures is a fascinating one. See my Edwardian dollhouse and garden, complete with handmade one-twelfth size dolls. Take a peek at my 3D scene of St George and the Dragon. He breathes fire (really!), scaring the Queen and Princesses, who huddle in terror.

Contact. If you prefer to contact me privately, do use this Contact page.