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Open Studios

This year I am taking part in Harrow Open Studios for the first time. 
I've visited other artists' homes and studios as part of this annual event, and thoroughly enjoyed seeing a huge variety of art and meeting other artists but have always either been too busy to take part or the time has clashed with our holiday arrangements. Now, I've bitten the bullet!

HOS takes place over the first two weekends in June and local artists open their studios/homes to the general public so people can see the wonderful creativity that abounds on their doorsteps.

It's a One-Woman-Show for me, something I've always wanted to do. So as not to have any last minute panics, I've already begun preparations: painting (as always), hanging - and preparing invitations for my neighbours to accompany the 300 printed brochures given to each participating artist to distribute. 

As drinks and nibbles will be served in the garden, I'm also trying to get that in good order. 

Most work will be available for sale - but it's really an opportunity simply to welcome my neighbours and art lovers to my home to see, and hopefully, enjoy my work.

If you're in Stanmore, London during the first two weekends in June, drop in!

Love those little red dots!

Don't all artists? We exhibit our work - putting it up for the public to view. Our family and friends (hopefully) like our work but I certainly get a bit of a thrill every time I sell a piece. It means someone out there loves it enough to lay out good money to own it.

These paintings sold at the recent 2016 exhibitions of the Harrow Art Society and The Pinner Sketch Club. Seems people like rainy scenes!

Oil painting

Acrylic painting:

PSC Exhibition 2015

Picnic in the Park: acrylic painting of Pinner Memorial Park, by Marcia KuperbergThe Pinner Sketch Club (PSC) annual exhibition has just finished. I sold this piece 'Picnic in the Park' (acrylic washes with touches of pen) together with a number of handmade greeting cards. 

Pinner Memorial Park: acrylic painting by Marcia KuperbergBelow, another of the Pinner park showing the fountain. The flowers in the foreground are impasto (thick and textured) in contrast to the delicate washes.

These paintings look great as prints (for sale in limited editions) on special heavy weight watercolour archival paper (Hahnemuhle). 

New Paintings - new exhibitions!

The first exhibition this year from Harrow Art Society, London, has just finished at Stanmore Library. There was a wide range of work on display, including three of my recent paintings and some of my ceramic jewellery. I also lugged along my Eagle has Landed sculpture which although not for sale, I felt deserved a public showing. There's no doubt that my most popular artwork was Gold Mosque and Minarets. Many people asked how I achieved the particular textured effect. The quick answer is "with a lot of effort!" Details of how I actually did it, can be seen on the Featured Art section of this site. The mount was hand painted to match the image.

Immediately following the Harrow Art Society's show, is the exhibition of my Stanmore Art Group. I helped hang this exhibition, and have six works on display. Seen here are three of my seascapes in mixed media, and my Gold Mosque and Minarets, also mixed media as above. The Private View is tomorrow (Tuesday 28 April) night, 8 p.m. Stanmore Library. 

Stanmore Art Group Exhibition. Seascapes and Gold Mosque & Minarets by Marcia Kuperberg

Current Exhibition: Harrow Art Society

Acrylic painting of Stanmore Pond, (top of Dennis Lane), by Marcia Kuperberg.The Owl in Winter, mixed media painting by Marcia Kuperberg
Took three of my paintings to exhibit at the Harrow Art Society Exhibition. 

The private view will be 7.p.m. Tuesday 11th March, Stanmore Library and the exhibition will opened by the head of the Art Department of the famous Harrow School. 

The paintings I'll be showing are an acrylic of  'Stanmore Ponds' a local landscape just a few streets from our home, a sweet little pen and wash painting called 'Dolly' with a hand decorated frame, and an experimental mixed media painting that I began 2 years ago, called 'The Owl in Winter'. This is a semi abstract painting that relies mainly on texture and restrained colour for impact. Will upload the 'Dolly' painting later (unless it sells at the exhibition). Haven't yet taken a photo of it.

Mosque mural for Turkish Villa's fireplace.

mosque mural painted by Marcia Kuperberg

The open plan lounge area of the Turkish villa looked a bit bland, so I decided to add a bit of interest by painting a simple mural over the fireplace. Then had the idea of creating a matching ceramic lamp which could be placed on the shelf next to it. Watch this space!

New painting: still life of daffodils

Finally Spring has sprung and the daffodils are out. To celebrate, I've painted a still life of this vase of daffs in acrylic with touches of oil pastel to bring out the texture of the canvas paper. Let's hope the sunshine continues!

Marcia Kuperberg's painting of still life, vase of daffodils. Acrylic with oil pastel on textured paper. A3 size.

New! Seahorse mixed media paintings.

Seahorses: mixed media painting by Marcia Kuperberg
This image began life as a polyblock print on silver card, similar in technique to the image below. 

I cut the seahorse from a thin piece of polystyrene, carved grooves/patterns into it, inked it in various blue and green printing inks and transferred the image onto the card. I did the same with strips of textured wallpaper giving the horizontal 'waves' inked in pale green. 

The funny wiggly strands of undersea weeds are pieces of wool (I keep a collection of interesting wools). 

I put the print aside as it took ages for the printing ink to dry and then forgot about it. Looking at it in the cold light of day months later I decided I did not like it and then experimented on it today using a range of different acrylic paints, including 'interference' paint which gives a metallic like glow, pearlised 'sparkly' paint and silver paint mixed with other colours. Also in amongst all that is a bit of oil pastel. I want to bring out the foreground seahorse a bit more and then I'll leave it. Enough is enough!
Seahorses: polyblock print by Marcia Kuperberg
This is another polyblock print using the same cut out seahorses, but without other media. 

Although it does not look like it in this photo taken in artificial light with a flash,  it is also on silver card. I'll take a better shot later and replace this one on the blog.

I just may work into it and give it more texture - haven't decided.

China Dolly - happier expression - finally finished

Here's the final China Dolly, now with a more benign expression.Earlier version of China Dolly. I think she looks a bit cross.
Subtle change of expression. I'm happier now, and so is she!

Hope you can spot the difference.

China Dolly now finished.

china dolly now finished: acrylic paint & oil pastel on canvas textured paper (Marcia Kuperberg)Third session developing painting of china dolly: more washes to develop colour.2nd session: developing painting of china dolly - first washes of colour on top of pencil sketch.Initial pencil sketch of china dolly.

Here are the stages of creating China Dolly, building her up from a pencil sketch. She now has deepened tones, more contrast to make her less bland and with greater definition to bring out detail. On second thoughts, maybe she looks a bit stern? Should I give her a happier look?  Please comment! 
Media: acrylic paint and oil pastels.

Session 3: China Dolly acrylic and oil pastel painting

China Dolly acrylic and oil pastel now developed with more tone and detail. More to be done (Marcia Kuperberg)First acrylic washes on pencil sketch of China Dolly (Marcia Kuperberg)Initial pencil sketch of China Dolly (Marcia Kuperberg)This afternoon I spent another couple of hours working on China Dolly adding deeper tones of acrylic wash and building up the texture and detail with touches of wax crayon. 

One more session and she should be finished.

China dolly painting is progressing.

First acrylic wash on canvas textured paper by Marcia Kuperbergpencil sketch of china dolly, preparatory to acrylic wash (Marcia Kuperberg)She's no longer just a pencil sketch. 

As of today she has the first tones and washes of acrylic paint on canvas paper. 

She's pretty wishy-washy at the moment but there's much more to do - including using oil pastel to bring out the canvas texture and pattern on her dress and bring her to life.

Final alterations to Japanese Lady

Earlier image of Japanese Lady: her hands need correction. Final Japanese Lady - hands now better formed.Here she is (right image) with hands that look more natural. You can now see what her left hand is doing if you enlarge: pinching the fabric of her robe between thumb and finger. The grey colour in the background on the right looked a bit dirty, so I've added more blue and mauve to enrich it. 

Initial pencil sketch of still life doll prior to painting.Also, today in my art group, I began the initial pencil sketch of a still life of a china doll.

I took a photo of the doll on my iPhone to continue work at home. The plan is to use the same techniques and media as for Japanese Lady i.e. acrylic paint (in water-colour transparent mode) on canvas textured acrylic paper. Oil pastel touches on top of the paint bring out the texture of the canvas paper. The painting can be done in layers: it's effective to use transparent tones of acrylic on top of the pastel (as well as pastel on top of acrylic), so that the canvas grain remains visible.

Japanese Lady gets her dress repairs- despite the snow.

Trudged through the snow again to my art group and found just two others there out of the normally large group. I revisited my Japanese Lady which began as an acrylic painting (but with a watercolour look) on canvas textured paper.  

Marcia's acrylic painting of Japanese Lady: part done.
Marcia's acrylic painting has oil pastel to bring out canvas texture and pen work for fine detail.
It's turned into a mixed media painting: I used gouache paint and pen to pick out detail, then oil pastels on top. 

The oil pastels really show the canvas-like texture. To fix the over-vivid pink at the base of the lady's dress, I painted over with white acrylic (couldn't do that if it was watercolour!) and then used oil pastels on top. May just leave it now - despite faults I can still see.