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Long time No post! Sorry!

If I still have any readers out there in the Blogosphere, I offer my humble apologies for not posting anything for (help!) about a year! It's not that I haven't been busy painting and creating, it's just that - well, no excuses - I've bitten the bullet and I'm back to posting again.

I find that once I leave it a few weeks (never mind months!) without posting, I get out of the habit - or maybe I just get lazy about photographing what I'm doing and writing about it. Let's face it, for us artists, painting is more interesting than writing.

So-o-o in no particular order, here is some art that I've created in the last year.
These are what I call 'pebble murals' as they are created with pebbles gathered from the nearby Calis Beach, in Fethiye, Turkey where we frequently holiday.