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Making ceramic jewellery

Little twiggy earrings and pendants now glazed.

Earrings and pendants are glazed both sides (reversible!) Marcia Kuperberg.
I wanted them to be glazed both sides, so they had to be hung, carefully spaced on wire so as not to touch each other before going into the kiln. 
I couldn't lie them on kiln shelves (normally the case with other ceramic pieces ) as the glaze would stick to the shelf causing them to break on removal. Here they are, glazed.

I'm happy with the results. The cobalt oxide and chrome oxides have worked well to give rich blue/green effects and the twig carving into the red clay has come out well. The white slip has become pale blue due to the delicate sponging of the cobalt - slightly bluer than expected but it looks good.

Out of the kiln! Little pendant rock-pools!

I'm delighted with them!  The melted glass looks like limpid pools of water. 

Little ceramic pendant 'rock-pools' by Marcia Kuperberg made with melted glass.
close up of ceramic pendant 'rock-pool' by Marcia Kuperberg

Ceramic rock-pool pendant made with melted glass, by Marcia KuperbergCeramic rock-pool pendant made with melted glass, by Marcia KuperbergCeramic rock-pool pendant made with melted glass, by Marcia KuperbergNow that I can see this idea has worked, I'm planning other ceramic ideas based on melted glass. 

I really like the contrast of the shiny 'water' with the matt 'rock' surround. You almost want to put your finger inside them to check for wetness.

Creating ceramic jewellery pendants: mixing media

Marcia Kuperberg's ceramic beaded pendants (each £15..00). Matching earrings: £8.00.My recent ceramic pendants are a deep greeny-black colour as a background to rich Autumn tones of the floral design on top done with glass beads and wire. 

Each pendant is an individual piece of art: £15.00. Matching earrings £8.00..They combine a ceramic oval base, textured around the edges and imprinted/ etched to give an indication of leaves, then highly glazed. 

At first glance they may look the same, but each has a subtly different texture and design. That's the fun and beauty of creating ceramic jewellery - each piece is one of a kind.  

Ceramics class: pots, wheel-work and glass pendant progress.

Janet shapes the bottom of her pot, using the wheel.The potter's wheel may look easy when you see the experts at work but it takes perseverance, dedication and practice - (a lot of practice!) to produce simple, elegant pottery such as Janet's shown here.

Gloria Ssali moulds her coil built pot.

Gloria has a big, bold personality and produces big bold pots. 

She uses the coil method rather than the wheel. This pot is still at the clay stage - yet to be biscuit fired and glazed. She decorates them in many interesting ways; I'll show some in later blogs.

After biscuit firing, I'm bringing out the outside texture by using cobalt blue oxide.

My earrings and pendants have now been biscuit fired. Today I put touches of dilute cobalt oxide to run into the crevices of the texture on the outside of the little pendant 'bowls'. It appears pink but will become blue.

The outside will have a matt finish, without glaze but the inside will be shiny with the melted turquoise glass. I also put a blob of dark blue underglaze in the centre of the bottom of the bowl - I hope it will give the appearance of depth once the glass has melted.  We'll see!

Marcia's ceramic pendants, now filled with glass which will melt in the kiln.The outside surface of the pendant 'bowl' will be matt and the inside will have melted glass.

Painting those Dolly faces

Marcia painting underglaze colours on dolly pendant.It's late - nearly 5 p.m. but I must do a little creative work. Until I do, I will feel the day has been somewhat wasted. 

Here are my three dollies at the moment. They have been biscuit fired and have been painted with underglaze paints which always look pale and insipid until they are glazed and fired.

3 ceramic pendant dollies now have their faces painted.
3 ceramic pendant dollies, partly painted with underglaze paints.

Painting these pendant dollies reminds me of the time a few years ago when I was heavily into creating one twelfth sized dolls for my dollhouse. Picasso may have had his 'rose' and 'blue' periods: Marcia has had many more (!) - including art/painting, animation, miniatures, ceramics and jewellery making. Considering putting up a page for past passion: my miniatures including mini people.

Tuesday is Ceramics Day!

inside of bowl - leaf has had delicate veins brought out by sponging on chrome oxide.Today is my favourite day. Just love this Ceramics class! 

This a bowl I am currently working on. 

The brown part is dark green slip (actual colours will only become evident after glazing and firing). The leaf design has been sponged and painted with chrome oxide to bring out the fine veins. I realised that I had painted too much oxide on as can be seen in the first image - and then spent ages sponging it off. When glazed it will look totally different: dark shiny green where the brown is at the moment, with the leaf shiny yellowy green with clearly defined veins...hopefully.

 I still find it weird (and annoying) that you can't see the real colours on a piece until after the final firing. After the oxide, I sprayed the whole piece with transparent shiny glaze which of course looks neither transparent nor shiny; it covers the surface in a matt white coat. It is now ready for the final firing. What lies in store? Shock-horror or happiness-delight?

Marcia painting ceramic jewellery (dolly pendant) with underglaze colours prior to glazing..Harrow College Ceramics class: John Rushton painting his ceramic car with underglaze colours prior to glazing.

I'm also making some more dolly pendants - shown here painting a dolly dress with underglaze colours. The actual colours when finished will be red (not pink) and white.

Love seeing what others in the group are creating. Such a variety of interesting things -  a cute piggy, vintage car, group of heads, a mug and much more.

Modelling a clay piggy in the Ceramics class at Harrow College.Jung Ju Seo models the base of the stand for the clay head - Ceramics class at Harrow College.

Planning and Doing: making abstract glass pendants

Today I completed what I planned yesterday, four new oval pendants:  highly glazed greeny-black ones with amber flowers. I've uploaded their details into the Pendant section. They'd go nicely with the leaf earrings.

Each one is subtly different in design, seen in the leaf designs worked into the glaze. They'd look great on fabrics or knits of green, gold, beige. 

Also began the first stage of my abstract melted glass pendants - rolling out and shaping the clay and texturing the outside. 

They're wrapped in cling wrap for the moment so they don't dry out. Next step will be cutting thin squares of clay to mount these shapes so that I can fix a hole for the chain or cord. Maybe I'll do that tonight.

Can't wait to begin the painting and glazing process!

Enjoying working in my new studio.

The view from my art studio.Now that we've converted a bedroom into my studio, I'm no longer spreading my work around so many rooms in the house. 
Best things about my studio: 
the view from the sliding glass doors. The balcony. The TV on the wall facing my work table. The large desk which has a magnifying glass with inbuilt light. All my art materials in one place.