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Resuming ceramics! Bowls, fish, mermaids and models!

small ceramic bowl by Marcia Kuperberg using shiny white glaze, yellow velvet glaze and manganese dioxide. For anyone kind enough to read these blogs, apologies for the lapse in posting. Anyway, for you, Gloria, (fellow ceramicist who has been patiently looking for blog updates) here are my latest ceramic efforts:

I made a set of 5 of these before term break-up end of 2014, and was quite excited when I took them from the kiln, they had turned out more interesting that I had expected. I then carelessly left one on the end of the table - and - you guessed - it smashed. I made patterns on the outside by pressing in a plastic doily. The inside flower was drawn and carved. After biscuit firing, I used manganese dioxide to bring out the pattern, poured a shiny white glaze into the centre of the bowls, wiped away the glaze from the central flower and painted parts with yellow glaze. The happy surprise was that where little bits of the shiny glaze touched the outside, they turned into splashes of pale green. Nice!

Ceramic mermaid, 6 ft high, on outside wall of house.ceramic fish by Marcia Kuperberg, glazed in pink and blue, in crank clay.This fish, about 8" wide (20 cm), was made with crank clay so it will withstand frost when left outside during winter months. It will swim alongside the mermaid on the external wall of our balcony. Later I'll add starfish, seahorse, reeds and other fish. If that's not enough to create an undersea world, I'll add some painted waves once the weather is better. That's the general intention anyway.

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Gilda Segal on 26 January 2015 02:01
Marce - there is no end to your talent and creativity. What a shame about the broken bowl. I love the survivor - are the others the same?
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Marcia Clare Kuperberg on 26 January 2015 11:16
Yes, great shame about the broken bowl. The others are the same, but not absolutely identical as each is handmade. A worse accident (and I'm still kicking myself for my carelessness) was when I took home the carefully made lower tower of my mosque-lamp. I dutifully wrapped it in bubble wrap but put it on the back seat of my car. Sure enough, when I braked abruptly, the parcel fell onto the car floor and smashed into about 4 pieces, making it impossible to mend. This was my second attempt at making the lamp and it was better than the first, which ended up a couple of mm too small in diameter to fit the inside light. Third attempt? Unlikely!

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