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A new head of hair for Louis?

No, this image is misleading! It may look as if I'm painting on thick dark grey hair, but most of this oxide will be washed off to leave thin traces in the crevices so that the hair strands of the hair he has left (!) will be a bit more clearly defined.

The head has been fired in the kiln for its first 'biscuit' firing and will be fired again after painting on the oxides (manganese dioxide, a dark grey seen here, and a light sponging of red iron oxide to warm up the skin tones a little, subtly darkening here and there to add some more life.) Once the head is fired, the painted on oxides cannot be removed, so I'll have to be very careful. Every time the head is fired, it shrinks up to 10% so I have to do an equal number of firings for his neck and collar.

I've protected his face with masking tape and cling wrap to avoid giving him unwanted dark grey spots on his skin. 

The next job will be to decide how to treat his cravat and collar: cravat maybe have cobalt blue oxide and collar a small pattern of dark grey, cobalt blue and red iron. Mmmmm, watch this space.

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Rosalie Segal on 22 February 2014 08:04
He is looking very good! I love the look of quiet concentration and enjoyment as you work ;)
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Marcia on 22 February 2014 10:29
Hi Rosie, glad you visited! He's coming along - it'll be interesting to see how he looks after his next firing. He had a bit of a disaster in the last biscuit firing: the back of his head came off in 3 pieces, so I've some surgery still to do.
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Jonathan Dean on 22 February 2014 16:41
I also like the 'look of quiet concentration and enjoyment' on Louis' face!Looking forward to seeing him when he's completed...
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Marcia on 07 March 2014 14:51
You'll see him soon, Jonathan - at the moment he is in pieces, poor man, but he'll be resurrected as soon as I've progressed a bit more on my current project. Then I'll put him together again, and also oxide (apply colour to the crevices) of his neck and collar.

Marcia on 24 August 2014 10:05
Now completed, glazed and oxided to bring out his creases and wrinkles, he - I mean his head - is sitting on my window sill in our lounge. His mini head resides in the hall on the shelf above the radiator, so he'll never feel cold.

Jo on 24 February 2014 06:22
I am not sure about the look of quiet concentration and enjoyment for Lou! But certainly true for Marcia-how absorbed she is when working on her projects- in another world.
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Marcia Kuperberg on 07 March 2014 14:52
Jo, I love that you're reading m'blog. Yes, when I'm working either on a ceramics piece or artwork, I zone out. It's very therapeutic.

AM on 02 January 2015 16:41
I love Louis's portrait and the lady lying down! Congratulations Marcia!!! This is great!
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