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Ceramic mosque lamp - finished!

Ceramic Mosque lamp made by Marcia KuperbergCeramic lamp created by Marcia Kuperberg with sketchbook.Here it is: the lamp for the shelf next to the fireplace mosque mural in the Turkey villa (see yesterday's post).

It is made in three pieces: the bottom cylinder, the top onion dome, and the surrounding wall.  I have also shown my sketch book where I worked out the construction details but... when I tried to fit the lamp inside the hollow, I discovered that I had made the onion dome a millimetre too small (shrunk in the kiln) so I could not fit the lamp tube inside. I'll have to make it again!

Ceramics details: all three made in stoneware.

WALL- covered in brown slip with detail scratched out (scraffito) around openings. After biscuit firing, sprayed with earthenware shiny transparent glaze. Then fired.

DOME & CYLINDER- after biscuit firing, lightly sponged with red iron oxide, then lightly sprayed with shiny white glaze before firing. I wanted bits of light brown (the red oxide) to show through - how much will depend on how thinly the glaze is sprayed: the thicker, the less brown will show. You can see that the onion dome has been sprayed more thinly than the cylinder. This is tricky!

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Gina on 24 November 2013 03:33
clever, clever, clever! original onion dome (1mm too small) can be put to another use, no?
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Marcia on 25 November 2013 20:56
Thanks, Gina! If I can find a smaller lamp 'inner tube' I could use that and then the lamp would be ok but finding such a tube will be unlikely. I have now made a new column, taller and wider to allow (hopefully!) for shrinkage so that the existing dome will sit on top instead of resting partly inside - at least that's the theory.
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Marcia on 08 November 2014 00:44
Addres:This is typical of the spam gobbled gook that bloggers and websites are plagued with.Usually I just delete them but the occasional one slips through so I thought I might as well show it.
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