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Site now live - but still building

Hi Posie! Glad you like what you've seen. Have another look - big changes and more to come.

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rosalie segal on 28 November 2012 15:25
WOW I can't believe how much you've done and how wonderful the ceramic jewellery looks. And the descriptions are GREAT.
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Marcia on 28 November 2012 15:42
Glad you like the site so far. Many more products to add, plus the pricing and shipping info.

Gina Kuperberg on 28 December 2012 20:55
LOVE all of this. You just did - seemingly effortlessly (although I know that it wasn't effortless of course!) -- all this before I could say 'wow' to the first piece.
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Marcia on 01 January 2013 13:33
Creating the website is fun and it is good to see so many of my creations up there online for others to see. However, getting 'others' to the site as always with any new site will be the biggest task and to do this properly would take more time and expertise than I think I have. I will try...little by little...

Cynthia Denby on 08 January 2013 14:31
Nice website Marcia. Came up in 2nd place when I typed in your website address. See you Monday, Cynthia (from Art).
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Marcia on 08 January 2013 22:30
Thanks, Cynthia! I'm changing and upgrading the website on a daily basis - loads more paintings to include, not to mention additions to the jewellery range.

Marcia on 09 January 2013 11:26
Learning new ceramic techniques all the time. Yesterday I saw some interesting work done by former students using a variety of coloured backgrounds with a contrasting design etched into them. So -o-o I rolled out two squares of clay and splashed some coloured slip onto them, randomly streaking and splotching pale blue, white and green colours. I plan to etch a scene onto the combined two-tile background which will show up as dark brown fine lines. This technique is called 'scraffito' (as in 2D art). It lends itself to many possibilities - so this is experiment no 1. Experiment no 2. I've also cut out diamond shapes for possible earrings onto which I could use the same technique: maybe a pale blue and white background with tiny brown flower designs etched into this. Experiment no 3. Have also created a bowl with an interesting curly outside shape with a large leaf on the inside. (Forgot whether I used brown or dark green slip on the outside of the bowl - stupidly did not note this important detail in my notes and you can't tell by looking at the slip itself which is a brown colour regardless of how it will eventually turn out). It's been set aside for biscuit firing and will then be glazed. Experiment no 3: Three more Dolly pendants are awaiting biscuit firing (they'll require a further firing in the kiln for the glazing stage). I am planning a red and white patterned pinafore dress for one of them. I'll try to give them happy expressions and tiny glints in their eyes.
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Marcia on 11 January 2013 14:43
Am determined to add a small blog just about every day - to help keep this site alive, and to track my progress in coming up with new ideas and most of all, into making the idea into reality. Must remember to look back to see if these ideas are actually carried out! I've reviewed my pendant range of products. Maybe they are a little 'safe'. I think I'll try some abstract designs - just shapes with textures and contrasts. Perhaps a piece about the size of one of the large round pendants but thicker (not too heavy) a mat rough textured stone type of finish on the outside rim but with a hollowed out section in the middle for melting some glass. I would use an oxide to bring out the textures on the outside rim.
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Gina on 15 January 2013 01:17
Keep up that determination. Am full of admiration. Will follow blog faithfully ;)

Marcia on 12 January 2013 15:37
Today's blog. Sunday. I've converted one of the bedrooms into a proper studio. The best part of this studio is 1) that there is a beautiful view through the sliding glass doors leading onto a balcony and 2) I've put a TV on the wall opposite my table so I can work and (half) watch TV at the same time. At the moment, I'm watching an old episode from Startrek but I couldn't relate the plot line. I have made four oval ceramic pendants which have tiny leaves (with their interesting vein patterns embedded). These are deep greeny black and are highly glazed. I'm going to enhance them by aralditing (glueing) amber/golden beads onto them in the shape of flowers, so they will match similar leaf/flower earrings. Probably place them onto thin leather cords or black chains. When finished you'll be able to see them in the ceramic pendants section.
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Anna Gange on 23 January 2013 20:02
There seems to be no end to your energy and creativity, Marcia, and as I admire your website and all the jewelry and art I realize that I am in no way surprised! I love your colours! The painting Time Out is very special for obvious reasons. Keep up your good work in your new studio with that exquisite view! Love from all of us!
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Marcia on 24 January 2013 12:27
Anna, so glad you enjoyed visiting the site! Because you responded to the earliest blog, you may not see my reply - but I hope you do and that you keep visiting. Love to you and all the family in Sweden.

Shirley BENN on 26 November 2014 21:33
I have known Marcia for many years. She is an outstanding artist and very talented.
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