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Artwork on tiles

I've created two adjacent square tiles on red clay and covered them with various brush strokes and random splashes of slip in colours of pale blue, pale green and white - even though they appear white at the moment. They have still to be biscuit fired so I hope they don't break when I try to draw into them after cleaning and smoothing the edges. Unfortunately they are a bit too thin for comfort and have curled up slightly - I should have weighted them when they were drying or simply made them thicker.

2 red clay tiles covered in pale blue, green and white slip. Will be etched to reveal scene or pattern. The plan is to etch a scene into these patterns of colour which will show up as dark red lines and shapes. Haven't yet decided what the scene will be - maybe some animals or a simple landscape. If the final result warrants it, I may then mount the tiles and frame them.

Here are the tiles at the stage before etching the scene. Of course the true colours will not be obvious until the final glazing.

Japanese Lady gets her dress repairs- despite the snow.

Trudged through the snow again to my art group and found just two others there out of the normally large group. I revisited my Japanese Lady which began as an acrylic painting (but with a watercolour look) on canvas textured paper.  

Marcia's acrylic painting of Japanese Lady: part done.
Marcia's acrylic painting has oil pastel to bring out canvas texture and pen work for fine detail.
It's turned into a mixed media painting: I used gouache paint and pen to pick out detail, then oil pastels on top. 

The oil pastels really show the canvas-like texture. To fix the over-vivid pink at the base of the lady's dress, I painted over with white acrylic (couldn't do that if it was watercolour!) and then used oil pastels on top. May just leave it now - despite faults I can still see.

Painting those Dolly faces

Marcia painting underglaze colours on dolly pendant.It's late - nearly 5 p.m. but I must do a little creative work. Until I do, I will feel the day has been somewhat wasted. 

Here are my three dollies at the moment. They have been biscuit fired and have been painted with underglaze paints which always look pale and insipid until they are glazed and fired.

3 ceramic pendant dollies now have their faces painted.
3 ceramic pendant dollies, partly painted with underglaze paints.

Painting these pendant dollies reminds me of the time a few years ago when I was heavily into creating one twelfth sized dolls for my dollhouse. Picasso may have had his 'rose' and 'blue' periods: Marcia has had many more (!) - including art/painting, animation, miniatures, ceramics and jewellery making. Considering putting up a page for past passion: my miniatures including mini people.

Tuesday is Ceramics Day!

inside of bowl - leaf has had delicate veins brought out by sponging on chrome oxide.Today is my favourite day. Just love this Ceramics class! 

This a bowl I am currently working on. 

The brown part is dark green slip (actual colours will only become evident after glazing and firing). The leaf design has been sponged and painted with chrome oxide to bring out the fine veins. I realised that I had painted too much oxide on as can be seen in the first image - and then spent ages sponging it off. When glazed it will look totally different: dark shiny green where the brown is at the moment, with the leaf shiny yellowy green with clearly defined veins...hopefully.

 I still find it weird (and annoying) that you can't see the real colours on a piece until after the final firing. After the oxide, I sprayed the whole piece with transparent shiny glaze which of course looks neither transparent nor shiny; it covers the surface in a matt white coat. It is now ready for the final firing. What lies in store? Shock-horror or happiness-delight?

Marcia painting ceramic jewellery (dolly pendant) with underglaze colours prior to glazing..Harrow College Ceramics class: John Rushton painting his ceramic car with underglaze colours prior to glazing.

I'm also making some more dolly pendants - shown here painting a dolly dress with underglaze colours. The actual colours when finished will be red (not pink) and white.

Love seeing what others in the group are creating. Such a variety of interesting things -  a cute piggy, vintage car, group of heads, a mug and much more.

Modelling a clay piggy in the Ceramics class at Harrow College.Jung Ju Seo models the base of the stand for the clay head - Ceramics class at Harrow College.

Change of scene/ Japanese Lady /Batman and the Meercats

What a change to the view from my studio! 

Today I ventured out in the snow to my painting group, a short distance from my home. Instead of the usual contingent of about fifteen there were only five present and we all left early as many side roads become very slippery late in the afternoon - cowards one and all!

I'm working on a painting of a Japanese lady  but brought my watercolour art box in my rush to get out instead of my acrylics box. Stupidly I added some gouache into the lady's clothing and it looks awful (the pink bits at the bottom of the painting) so I guess I'll paint over it with acrylic later. Bit of a wasted trip but the tea and biscuits were nice.

 I enjoy the stimulation of working in a group and the same applies to Ceramics - where I'm headed tomorrow - weather permitting.

Another little art job about to be done is adapting my grandson's birthday card into a Batman birthday card (Batman has taken the place of Fireman Sam and Bob the Builder in his affections). 

Here is the original.

And here's the new card. 
Hope he likes it. 

Planning and Doing: making abstract glass pendants

Today I completed what I planned yesterday, four new oval pendants:  highly glazed greeny-black ones with amber flowers. I've uploaded their details into the Pendant section. They'd go nicely with the leaf earrings.

Each one is subtly different in design, seen in the leaf designs worked into the glaze. They'd look great on fabrics or knits of green, gold, beige. 

Also began the first stage of my abstract melted glass pendants - rolling out and shaping the clay and texturing the outside. 

They're wrapped in cling wrap for the moment so they don't dry out. Next step will be cutting thin squares of clay to mount these shapes so that I can fix a hole for the chain or cord. Maybe I'll do that tonight.

Can't wait to begin the painting and glazing process!

Enjoying working in my new studio.

The view from my art studio.Now that we've converted a bedroom into my studio, I'm no longer spreading my work around so many rooms in the house. 
Best things about my studio: 
the view from the sliding glass doors. The balcony. The TV on the wall facing my work table. The large desk which has a magnifying glass with inbuilt light. All my art materials in one place. 

great sales & feedback from recent craft fairs!

West Hampstead Xmas '12 Craft Fair. Selling jewellery and artwork.First fair: West Hampstead Xmas market/fair - shared a table with Rosie. We were lucky with the weather, cold but bright and sunny. Although the stalls themselves were covered, the fair was outside, so we took care to dress warmly. 

Rosie showed her beautiful bead jewellery and I showed my new ceramic jewellery and a few pieces of art - aboriginal style wooden tiles and digital prints of Lady of the Lake (acrylic), Honey the Hamster (watercolour) and Teddy the Bear (pastel). Sold Honey and the aboriginal tile. I nearly sold out of my little handpainted Xmas tree earrings and glittering Xmas tree brooches and made some more for my next fair. Rosie sold really well, too. Particularly popular were her wire pendants. As we are newbies at fairs, we felt pleased with our efforts.

The second fair was held by Harrow College where I was teaching until recently. I am now learning ceramics. The fair's purpose was to give PR to the college and show off some of the art produced in the Art Department - some ceramics, lamps made by 3D students and Tshirts designed by students.  I sold even more at this fair than at West Hampstead. I was delighted that a number of my pendants sold- Dolly pendant, heart pendants, ovals and flowers. Customers went for the Xmas tree earrings as before, Xmas tree brooches and also some of the very recently finished flower earrings. Yay!

Pink Dolly Pendant. Price £15.00We'll do more fairs in the future, but for the moment I think I'll concentrate on building up stock - creating more earrings, possibly some stud ones as I haven't done those yet. I'll also think more about making more matching sets of earrings and pendants. 

Life is really full after retirement! I still miss teaching Art & Design but filling my days with creation rather than teaching is even better!

Site now live - but still building

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