Marcia Kuperberg: artist - Oils, acrylic, watercolour, mixed media. Miniaturist. Ceramicist
Featured Painting: Gold Mosque and Minarets
Gold Mosque & Minarets, mixed media painting by Marcia Kuperberg
Exhibition of Stanmore Art Group in Stanmore Library, April 2015.

Gold Mosque & Minarets, mixed media painting by Marcia Kuperberg.First exhibited in April 2015 at Stanmore Library in Harrow, as part of the Harrow Art Society exhibition. I hand painted the mount to tone with the image.

Many have asked how I achieved the rich textures in the painting. 

Well, here's how:

1. Engraved and cut out shapes from thin polystyrene sheets.
2. Inked the sheets with use of rollers and oil based inks.
3. Placed the various pieces in the desired composition on chosen coloured paper (in this case, gold).
4. Rolled and pressed the shapes onto the paper. 
5. Applied different colour inks to selected parts of the shapes and repeated steps 3 and 4.
6. Scanned the image and adjusted the colours in Photoshop.
7. Printed the image onto special Hahnemuhle paper.
8. When dry, brushed gold acrylic paint onto selected image parts.