Marcia Kuperberg: artist - Oils, acrylic, watercolour, mixed media. Miniaturist. Ceramicist
Ceramic pendant by Marcia Kuperberg, encrusted with black & silver beads.ceramic pendants and matching ceramic earrings by Marcia KuperbergClay modelling from life.Refining the red clay model before firing and glazing.Completed ceramic figure, now fully glazed.Ceramic full size mermaid wall plaque by Marcia Kuperbergtwo clay heads created by Marcia Kuperberg, preparation for full size ceramic head of husband, Louis.
Here is a small selection of my ceramic work: ranging from modelling figures and heads from life, to ceramic bowls and dishes, vases, pots for inside and out, birds, fish and even a ceramic mermaid - not to mention one-of-a-kind ceramic jewellery.
 Much more to be uploaded!

Ceramic clay head of my husband, not yet fired in the kiln.Painting on oxide to accentuate the crevices in the head, which has been biscuit fired.