Marcia Kuperberg: artist - Oils, acrylic, watercolour, mixed media. Miniaturist. Ceramicist
Marcia Kuperberg, CertEd MPhil, artist 
Artist: Marcia Kuperberg
Aka ArtyMar: painting is my passion.
Acrylic painting of fiancee, Lou, created by Marcia Kuperberg, 1965Born in Sydney, I began drawing at age 3, as soon as I could hold a pencil and was soon creating drawings of “pretty ladies” with elaborately patterned, coloured dresses. Aged 11, I began experimenting with oils. When acrylics hit the market in the ‘60s I was an early user, painting a portrait of my boyfriend in London, where we met and now live. That's the portrait on the right.
My working life in art has encompassed fine art, graphic design, art direction, filmmaking, and animation. After working in those fields, I then taught fine art, and graphic design as well as computer animation in London colleges for over 27 years. My art films and animations have won major awards and been shown in cinemas and television worldwide. I've also written a textbook:

Now I delight in concentrating on my own practice: painting in various media including oils, acrylics, watercolour, mixed media and pastel.
I belong to three art societies and exhibit many times throughout the year. Currently, I'm also the Editor and Designer of the Pinner Sketch Club Newsletter, a quarterly mini magazine, which is great fun as I get to decide whose art is featured (nice! except I can't feature my own too much). 

In the past few years, to fill in any odd few moments, I’ve created miniatures: dolls and dollhouses and 3D historical/fantasy scenes with lighting. 
Oh, and ceramics – I enjoy creating all sorts including ceramic jewellery. That's me on the right, selling my arts and crafts at a fair in West Hampstead with my niece, Rosie.
Selling artwork and ceramic jewellery at West Hampstead craft fair. Marcia is on the right, niece, Rosie, on the left